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The Fantastic 4 v Peel Tower.

Meet the Fantastic 4

In September we will be commemorating our 150th Anniversary. What better way to get our celebrations and fundraising off to a flying start than jumping off a very tall building. The Fantastic 4, aka, Rachel and John Hill, Mark Duxbury and not one to be left out, our very own, Rev Janet Pitman.

As planning for the Anniversary started a voice from the back row suggested an abseil might be a good idea to raise some funds. Rachel was on it like a shot and before John could count to ten, his name was on the list. Janet’s not one to be left out, so that made three.

Now its not a problem being a novice at abseiling. These well planned events give you at least 5mins training and sometimes you even get a helmet (we are just messing). The team needed a bit of expertise. There could only be one person to approach and that was Mark Duxbury. Not a lot of people know this but Mark is a bit of a pro when it comes to abseiling. Well, what we mean is, he’s done it at least one before!


Mark Duxbury with Milnrow Scouts on their relay abseil from the church tower.

From September we will be hosting numerous fundraising and social events. We hope you will support one, if not all the events. There’s been a church in Milnrow a lot longer than the current building, but we are immensely proud of our current building and everyone who makes us a living church. Times are exciting as we start the next phase of planning to ensure St James can continue to serve the community of Milnrow for another 150 years.

You can sponsor the Fantastic 4 via JustGiving.com and search for St James Milnrow Abseil. Please get behind the team and help us make this a special 150th Anniversary.