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Restoration – St James style

Saturday saw the start of our attempt to clean up and restore the railings and the gate at the front of church.  It was not hard to tell its been many years since these parts of our church have been given any love and attention.

So a team of 5 happy (or should that me crazy) volunteers set to with wire brushes and with a few hours of graft stripped down the first section of railings.  Even stripped down they looked better but with their first coat of Hammerite they looked great.

Whilst the railings team did their bit another band of volunteers walked miles backwards and forwards cutting the grass.

2017 has been a good year with a great band of volunteers doing their bit to keep the church yard looking smart. Thanks go to, Andrew Harrison, Scott Hatchel, Steve Raines, Barry Shaw,  Geoff Cowling, Jean Knowles, Lilian Albrecht,  John McArthur and Walter Tann. Special thanks also to Paula Shaw for the bacon buttys.

If you would like to lend a hand why not drop us a line on stjamesmilnrow@outlook.com.