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Join the Yard Gang

This year we’ve had a cracking start maintaining the church grounds thanks to our every growing ‘Yard Gang’.

Meeting every 2 weeks on a Saturday 9-12, our team of volunteers have kept the grass in check, the borders tidy and the church and grounds looking in great shape.

If you can spare an hour or two come along.  There’s always something to do and we have a kettle that always need boiling. Its also rumoured that all the team are now sporting the best suntans they’ve every had. Sunscreen always on hand!

For more information drop us a line on st.jamesmilnrow@outlook.com .

Restoration update

On Saturday 26th August we had another good turn-out of volunteers who all worked hard on our scheme to maintain the church yard and restore the main gate and railings.

Thanks to:

Jan, Jean, Lilian, John, Geoff and Walter for all the painting.

Walter for completing the Raines Memorial

Margaret and Ivor who did a great job of clearing the paths from school to church

Scott Hatchell for all the grass cutting.

If you would like to get involved why not let us know.  Drop us a line on mailto:st.jamesmilnrow@outlook.com and we’ll let yo know when the next session is being held.  There’s lots to do, jobs for everyone, and every hour donated is really appreciated.

Uncovering our heritage

On Saturday 1st July six of our strongest men set to work to uncover long lost grave stones within the church yard.  The plan was to reduce the amount of grass cutting needed in some of our harder to reach parts of the church yard.  As the stones started to appear not only did the church yard start to look more aesthetically pleasing but we realised the wealth of heritage being uncovered.  Do stop and take a look at the stones uncovered.

Given how much better the churchyard now looks we plan to repeat this initiative over the summer period.  So if you’d like to lend a hand uncovering a few stones we’d love to welcome you on board. Send us your email address to st.jamesmilnrow@outlook.com and we’ll add you to our mailing list.