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Parish News – Winter 2017

Our Winter Edition of Parish News is now available and should be with now.

We want to thank everyone who has contributed and especially our Editor, Emma, for the numerous hours producing another fabulous edition of our magazine.

If you would like a copy you can find them at the back of church or from Village Treasures, Dale St, Milnrow. Alternatively you can drop us a line on and we’ll send you details of subscription and delivery.

Stewardship Campaign 2017


Thank you all for your responses so far to this years Stewardship Campaign.

Stewardship is all about how we take care of our church and the things we do as a church. We hope you’ve had time to reflect on this, including the importance of all the things we do (or don’t do) and the part we play in those things as well as the upkeep of the church.

If we are to be as successful as we can be we all need to reflect on our commitment and return our forms.  The deadline for returns is Sunday 19th November so if you haven’t done so, now is the time to give it some thought.

Together we can achieve great things.

For more information drop us a line on




Remembrance Sunday 2017

Next Sunday 12th November we will be holding a joint Remembrance Sunday Eucharist at St Thomas, Newhey starting at 9am.  This will allow both churches in the benefice to celebrate Remembrance Sunday before moving on to Milnrow Memorial Park  to take part in our civic act of remembrance.

There will be no services at St James on 12th November.

Christmas Fair 2017

This years Christmas Fair will be held on Saturday 2nd Dec 2017, 11-2pm, in school.

As in years gone by we hope this event will be the social event of the year were church and school come together in preparation for the festive period.

There’ll be lots of stalls and activities plus entertainment from our school pupils. So make it a date for your diary, bring a friend and come along. If you can help in any way please contact Tony Dixon on Tel: 01706 375962.

A message from James Emmerson, Diocesan Stewardship Officer

St James Stewardship Campaign, 1st October 2017

“It’s always a great opportunity for me to talk to any congregation in our Diocese about stewardship. It’s a subject right at the heart of life itself, and helps us to understand and make sense of life whatever our circumstances. This is a significant time for St.James and I am looking forward to working with you all through this campaign and beyond.”

We hope you will all make every effort to attend the launch of our campaign at next weeks Parish Eucharist Starting at 9am and giving James a very warm welcome.

We look forward to working with you during the forthcoming weeks.

Stewardship Campaign 2017

Next Sunday 1st October 2017 at 9am, we launch our Stewardship Campaign.  You are invited to hear a talk from James Emmerson, Diocesan Stewardship Officer, and to reflect on how much we value belonging to St James Church.

We know how many of you find it challenging, rewarding and enjoyable to be part of a loving community of faith.  There are so many encouraging signs and there is so much to be thankful for in the life of the church.  We thank God for your faith, love and service.  Without your generous giving we cannot survive.

Thank you for your involvement in the commitment to the life of this parish.

“Everyone should give as they are able according to the blessings of the Lord your God which he has given you.”

Heritage uncovered

Yesterday Andy and Scott continued their quest to uncover more of Milnrow’s heritage by uncovering more of our hidden gravestones.  It’s hard graft but uncovering the stones and revealing names of those who lived and worked in Milnrow before the turn of the century is a real reward.

Check out the stones revealed so far in the before and after pictures below.  If you look carefully there’s an awful lot of stones in our yard!

Thanks Andy and Scott, great job.



Jan and Lilian work their magic

A huge “thank you” to Jan and Lilian who worked their magic pruning and clearing the flower beds and collecting 5 bags of rubbish from the yard at Yesterdays Clear-up session.  This after the yard was full if butterflies.

Thanks to help like this the yard is looking better than it has for a long time.

Work continues throughout the autumn / winter so if you’d like to help just drop us a line on


Churchyard Clear Up

On Saturday 23rd September we held our latest Churchyard Clear-up Session. A massive “thank you” to Jan, Lilian, Andy, Scott, Johnny, Trevor and Walter who completed another 4 hours hard slog mowing, pruning, planting, generally clearing up and yes … painting railings.

Our plan is to continue through the autumn and winter so our churchyard will look better than it’s done for years.

If you’d like to help, just drop us a line on